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User Interface

A User Interface (UI) is where a user and digital product interact using visual and interactive elements. It should be intuitive and user-friendly so users can easily navigate the product and accomplish their tasks.

A user interface is a necessity for every digital product. A well-designed interface makes for a better user experience which leads to higher user engagement. If people know how to interact with a product and can quickly figure out how to do what they want, they'll use it more regularly. They don't have to spend time learning it, watching tutorials or reading guides; therefore, they can focus on accomplishing their goals. Users' goals while navigating a digital product usually correspond with business goals, such as having the user purchase something or sign up for a service. If the user interface makes it easy enough, it leads to inevitably higher conversions and improves the business' bottom line. Finally, a good user experience stemming from an intuitive user interface can improve brand recognition. The user interface can be the factor that makes the difference for the user when choosing a brand.

How to make a user interface good? The most important rule is to focus on who it is for – the users. Make sure you understand what the users need and design an interface that makes their tasks easy to complete. To achieve that, you should keep it simple and use only your users' desired features. Keep it clean and, most of all, consistent. Without consistency, your interface won't achieve its goal. Using consistent design patterns, colours, and typography means that the more someone uses your product, the more familiar they become with it. This means they can move around the product and accomplish their tasks faster.

There are also certain things you shouldn't do, such as making the interface's navigation too complex; the users should be able to navigate the digital product easily. Similarly, another thing to avoid is making your design overly complicated. A cluttered interface leads to confusion – users don't know what to focus on, and the unnecessary elements distract them from their goals and keep them away from what you want them to do. Lastly, don't ignore accessibility. The more accessible the interface, the bigger the audience you reach and the easier users navigate your product.

No digital product would be complete without an interface. This is what allows the users to interact with your product; without it, the users can't enjoy your offer. That's why, at Flying Bisons, we have the best UI designers on board – to guide your users and drive your business results.

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