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Conversion Funnel

A conversion funnel refers to the steps a customer takes to accomplish a desired action, such as making a purchase or filling out a contact form. These steps usually include discovery, interest, appraisal, confirmation, and conversion. Businesses analyse their customer's behaviour at each stage to determine how they can optimise their efforts to increase conversions.

Why do so many businesses use the conversion funnel? It allows them to analyse the behaviour of their customers at each step, so they can discover at what point they're losing potential customers and make appropriate adjustments to keep them on their path. Since they understand how the customers behave at each stage and how they move from one to the other, their marketing efforts become more effective as it is clear who they should target and why, increasing conversion. A conversion funnel also enables tracking and measuring the performance of marketing efforts or a website. Collected data helps make data-driven decisions that improve conversion results. All of which ultimately lead to a higher return on investment.

What are the keys to successfully optimising a conversion funnel? First of all, the process should be easy to follow. Potential customers shouldn't face any difficulties while performing the desired action. You should also test and optimise various funnel components. For example, test a website's headers, CTA, images, and other aspects to discover what works best for your audience. And remember to polish your landing page. It has to be relevant for your customers – it's the first step in the funnel, and it should give the information they need to make decisions.

There are also some things to avoid, such as having too many steps in the process. If it's too long or confusing, you risk losing potential customers, so try to keep it straightforward and concise. It's also crucial not to overlook optimising the funnel for mobile devices. Nowadays, almost everyone uses a smartphone (or a tablet), so you need to optimise for mobile devices, or you might lose some potential customers. Finally, one last thing to avoid is making assumptions about your customers. Don't guess what customers want – test your funnel and check what works for you.

A conversion funnel is a valuable tool that will help you optimise your digital products and marketing efforts. By understanding how the customers move through the funnel, you can improve the steps they struggle with and increase your conversions.

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