Digital Presence of the Biggest Water Park in Europe

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Product Design & Optimization Services

Intuitive Banking

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The art of handcrafted eyewear

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Experience Design Consultants

We help companies to shape value proposition and grow through experience
design based on customer research, analytics and business metrics.

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    Product Design & Optimization Services

    After successful cooperation we became a long-term partner of KFC to work together on the digitalization of all their channels in a few european countries.

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    Brand New

    We have been chosen as a Jeronimo Martins partner to transform offline service into e-commerce and digital experience for millions of customers.

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    Intuitive Banking

    Developing a common vision with all stakeholder groups was the most important step in the process of mobile transaction website design and its integration with PeoPay application.

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    Home try-on

    The optimization of this innovative online purchasing process that goes beyond the boundaries of the Internet - to the customers' home, have increased home-try-on orders by 400%.


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    Tomasz Pietrzak

    „What matters most is a willingness to understand customers’ needs and design journey that will be the easiest for them. Flying Bisons have mastered it.”

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    Paweł Trocki

    „Flying Bisons understands client’s needs and the specifics of a project in no time and helps you to achieve the goal as planned. They have the ability to keep things simple and back their rationale even when the idea is not in line with clients initial thoughts.”

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    Dawid Winter

    „Our customer acquisition cost went down by about 50% and our sales skyrocketed. This was the impact of the engagement with Flying Bisons who added a great deal of value to the project on many different stages.”

Flying's Services

During co-operation with Flying Bisons, your company will be working in a data-driven and result-oriented process. Our experience in such a process helps companies to shape value proposition and grow through experience design based on customer research, analytics, and business metrics.