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A roadmap is an outline of a project's steps and goals. It's a strategy for stakeholders and team members that describes the project's direction as well as what, when and how it should be done. When it comes to digital products, a roadmap provides a timeline, milestones, and deliverables for the design and development process. It also helps with prioritisation and identification of roadblocks.

A roadmap is a useful planning tool that helps stakeholders and team members stay on top of the project by clearly stating its goals, timeline, and task list with the necessary when and how. The roadmaps help improve project management as it enables determining potential issues along the way. It also makes it easier to oversee the project's progress, track it, and measure performance over time.

Creating a good roadmap should start with aligning it with the project and business goals and objectives. You should also involve stakeholders and team members in the creation process to ensure everyone is well-informed about your strategy and their role in achieving set goals. Once you start the project, you should conduct regular meetings to review and update the roadmap if any part of the project or the business changes.

Keep in mind that a good roadmap shouldn't be too strict. Don't create something that doesn't allow the plan to change. The roadmap is supposed to serve you, your project, your stakeholders, and your team members, not the other way around.

A roadmap is a valuable tool that facilitates product design and development. It gives stakeholders and team members a clear vision for the future and helps create a product that meets the users' needs.

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