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The Agile methodology, shortly referred to as Agile, is a versatile approach to project management that aims to make teams work more efficiently and deliver higher-quality results. According to the Agile approach, a project is split into smaller tasks called sprints, lasting around 1 to 4 weeks. During the sprint, team members communicate regularly to ensure everyone agrees on the common vision and objectives.

Agile is based on four principles: collaboration with customers, iterative process (separating big tasks into smaller steps), change adaptability, and continuous improvement.

The Agile methodology is very popular in the digital industry, and there's a reason for that. Teams in an Agile environment work more efficiently and deliver results quicker. Although faster delivery could lead some to think that the products' quality drops, this assumption couldn't be more wrong. The Agile approach prioritises both teamwork and collaboration with customers, leading to higher-quality products that meet customer needs. And since it's made to be flexible, even if the customer needs or stakeholders' requirements change, the project remains on schedule.

How to successfully manage a project with the Agile approach? Simply put: stick to the principles. Emphasise team collaboration and communication and ensure team members also prioritise it. Involve the customer and adjust your product design and development to their feedback. You also should keep track of progress and measure results. Establish how you'll measure both early on and frequently assess your team's performance.

However, the Agile approach is not just about what you should do but also the things you shouldn't. You shouldn't go into a project without knowing your team's strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you enter it with the team whose capabilities answer your needs, and its members can adjust to the approach. You also should never skip planning. The Agile approach is, of course, versatile and flexible, but it's the planning that is essential for its success. Finally, don't sacrifice quality for speed. The Agile methodology is supposed to help you deliver a high-quality product, not rush you so much that you forget what's important.

In the digital world that is constantly changing, the Agile approach is perfect for making digital products. It allows for the change of mind of customers and stakeholders and delivers a product of high quality on time.

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