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Customer Journey Map

A Customer Journey Map is a visual representation of a customer’s interactions with a company or a product. It shows all the steps a customer goes through to complete a task or achieve a goal. It includes various channels and touchpoints that a customer uses to interact with the company, as well as the emotions and thoughts that the they experience at each stage.

A Customer Journey Map’s primary goal is to improve customer experience. Once a business understands what a customer goes through from start to finish, it can identify challenges and apply necessary changes to enhance its customer’s satisfaction with its product or services. A positive customer experience, in turn, can lead to increased customer loyalty, driving sales and revenue for the company. Analysing the customer’s journey is also cost-effective, enabling pinpointing and eliminating unnecessary steps. A Customer Journey Map is beneficial for various departments within the company as it offers an abundance of information about customers’ behaviour and preferences which can be used to make informed decisions in marketing and product development.

How to create a comprehensive Customer Journey Map? Involve customers in the process. Get their input through customer interviews or surveys and gather accurate, hands-on information on the customer experience. It's important to consider all touchpoints, so include all the ways in which a customer can interact with your company (including online and offline channels). And show the journey visually as it is easier to understand and remember than a written document – use images, diagrams, and other visual elements.

There are also certain things you shouldn't do. Don't focus only on the sales process. It is a crucial part of a customer's journey, but you should include all the steps the customers go through, from awareness to loyalty. Don't assume that you know everything based on data and insights from customers and analytics. Keep an open mind and listen to others, as solutions can come from various, often unexpected, places.

Last but not least, don't neglect the importance of emotions. The customer's journey is not just the steps but also the thoughts and feelings accompanying them. So don't forget to put the emotional aspect in your Customer Journey Map.

A Customer Journey is a visual that will help you see the customer's experience from the moment they begin to interact with your business to the moment that interaction ends. It's a simple yet valuable tool that helps create a positive customer experience.

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