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Tone of Voice

The tone of voice (ToV) is how a brand communicates or talks to its audience. It includes the tone, style, and manner of speaking or writing that shows the brand's personality, attitude, and values. It's a crucial part of branding as it gives a brand a voice that can differentiate them from others on the market. Usually, a tone of voice is adjusted to the target audience so that it resonates with them and matches the company's business, e.g. if a clothing company is looking to attract a younger audience, they would choose a playful, witty tone of voice. However, suppose the business is in finance. In that case, you want them to refrain from joking around but rather speak more seriously and professionally.

Establishing your brand's tone of voice is essential to preparing your brand's communication. A consistent ToV helps build your brand's personality and make it more relatable and memorable. It also differentiates your brand on the market (as was mentioned), making it more recognisable.

A tone of voice allows you to communicate more effectively with your audience. If your audience likes the way you speak to them, you can develop a stronger connection with them, and they will have no trouble understanding what you're trying to convey. An established tone of voice consistent across all channels builds your audience's trust in your brand. They can see that no matter where they find you – your website or your socials – you remain the same. For them, that means you're reliable and honest, which encourages them to trust you and be loyal to you if they're looking for a service or a product you offer. A tone of voice also increases their engagement as they're more likely to engage if the way you talk resonates with them and sways them to interact with you, ask you questions, and share your content.

Establishing a tone of voice is crucial, so you should approach it properly. Firstly, focus on your users and ask what kind of tone suits their needs and preferences. Try to find something that truly resonates with them, so they feel encouraged to engage with you and comfortable when you speak to them. Remember that consistency is vital. Your tone of voice should remain the same across all channels and communications. Your brand's personality shouldn't change depending on the channel, nor should your tone of voice, which is nothing more than an expression of your brand's personality.

As for things you should avoid, you definitely shouldn't sound too formal or stuffy. It would make you seem distant and unapproachable, and you want your customers to feel the exact opposite so that they can engage with you. You should also not try to be something you're not. As was mentioned, a tone of voice is an expression of your brand values and personality. If your tone of voice doesn't reflect what your brand stands for, you can damage it due to inauthenticity. And don't forget to listen to your customers – see what works for them and what doesn't, and remain open for feedback and changes if necessary.

A tone of voice allows your brand to express its personality when talking to customers. It's an important aspect of branding and, as such, a great help in becoming distinguishable in the market.

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