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Surveys are a method of gathering data and feedback from users about their experiences with a digital product. This tool aims to collect information on the product's usability as well as users' needs and satisfaction. Surveys can be used in both qualitative and quantitative research methods, as the questions in them can be multiple-choice, open-ended or a combination of both. They help the design and development teams better understand the users and build a product that meets their needs.

Surveys help you understand user needs. You get valuable feedback straight from your users, which you can later easily adapt to your product so that its final version satisfies the users. Surveys can be conducted at various stages of the design and development process, which enables performance tracking and making user-friendly decisions along the way. The results can also determine which parts need improvement and what can become a challenge during the project. Based on the quality and amount of data you get, surveys are cost-effective when it comes to getting information from a large number of participants.

Getting the most out of surveys is easy once your questions are clear, relevant, and well-structured. To ensure that your survey is properly built and you distribute it to a bigger audience, test it on a smaller group of users. Remember to use the gathered data – take the collected information and feedback and base your design decision on them.

And if there's one thing you should avoid is making your survey too long and time-consuming. Your users may get bored, and you won't get as many answers as you need.

Surveys are one of many methods of UX research. It's an easy way of obtaining data from many people and ensuring that any decisions you make about your product are evidence-based.

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