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At Flying Bisons we believe that great products are built using data. With digital analytics, we help you understand your user’s digital footprint, answer your business questions, and validate your assumptions.

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What is your Digital Analytics Maturity?

We designed a simple yet effective assessment to help you identify your digital analytics maturity.

Why digital analytics is so important?

Understanding how you can use Digital Analytics to exponentially grow your business.

Collecting accurate and meaningful data

Anyone can start collecting data by installing Google Analytics, but what is more important is to have the correct settings and filters in place to ensure data accuracy. On top of that, the data collected should be alligned with the business goals and objectives.

“Quality data drives quality decisions. A properly configured analytics implementation means that you can make insightful decisions to maximize conversions, which directly contributes to business growth.“

Łukasz Kowalski
Łukasz Kowalski
Co-founder at Flying Bisons

Making business decisions based on data

Once we have accurate and meaningful data, the next step is to use them. The best business decisions are made based on data instead of a hunch. If there are hypotheses or assumptions that need to be verified, running experiments will help provide relevant insights.

Data analysis to drive continual improvement of digital experience

We firmly believe that growth is correlated with the quality of digital experience. With a robust Digital Analytics setup, we can confidently analyse our data and use it to continually improve the experience of our users.

“Analytics is not about collecting data, it is a process of generating value from your data. Your most important business decisions should be based on data that you can trust.”

Derek Ooi
Derek Ooi
Digital Analyist at Flying Bisons

Grow conversion rate to achieve business goals and objectives

As part of the Digital Analytics process, conversion actions and user funnels are defined and tracked. This helps us measure and optimize the conversion rate of the funnels towards achieving the business goals and objectives.

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