In-depth interviews

Dive deeper with in-depth interviews. Gain remarkable insights into complex issues with structured conversations tailored to your research
and business needs.

What are
In-depth Interviews

In-depth interviews are part of qualitative research methodology and take the form of structured face-to-face or online conversations with users.

The main goal of these conversations is to increase understanding of the issue being studied and frequently examine a problem an organisation identifies early on. 

Benefits of
In-depth Interviews

In-depth interviews in UX research are one-to-one, detailed discussions vital for gaining deep insights into user needs and experiences. They are crucial for empathetic, user-centred design, offering a flexible approach to exploring complex topics. How else can your company benefit from them?

Comprehensive understanding

They allow a deep dive into respondents' needs, values, attitudes, and behaviours, ensuring a holistic view of your business.

Foundation for design

Insights from these interviews can guide project changes or upgrades. Also, they can help you set solid foundations for new products or services.


Knowledge gained by in-depth interviews prevents unnecessary costs by ensuring solutions align with the qualitative feedback from both current and prospective users.

Knowledge source

These conversations act as a reservoir of information, guiding organisations on crafting user-centric designs and pinpointing areas of growth.

Save of time

You can streamline the design process with in-depth interviews by reducing the need for frequent, uninformed changes, ensuring a more efficient development cycle.

New business potential

The interviews allow you to discover your clients’ new, previously unmet needs. Thanks to that, you can spot new business potential of your products or services.

Approach to

In-depth Interviews

As a team of UX research experts, while proceeding in-depth interviews during the UX research process, we follow the industry-leading methodologies and global benchmarks. All of this to keep the highest quality of our services.

So, what is our approach to in-depth interviews?

  • Definition of the area and objective of the study

    During the first phase of the process, we precisely identify what we want to learn from the interviews - the main goal of the interview, a topic we want to explore, etc. The goals can involve exploring user needs, identifying pain points, or understanding user behaviour.

    Based on these goals, we prepare questions that guide the conversation while allowing flexibility for unexpected insights.

    In the meantime, we also set recruitment criteria for the interview participants.

  • The process of the interviews

    When working on in-depth interviews, it's important to clearly define research problems as they establish a framework for the conversations.

    How do Flying Bisons deal with it?

    Step 1. We always start from a deep analysys of the structured research scenario with the client.

    Step 2. We pilot the tool, which allows for preliminary verification of the tool without affecting the target sample. After the pilot, the real context is applied to the tool, formulating the final version of the scenario. Once the pilot is complete, the actual research is conducted.

    Step 3. After analysis, the results of the interviews are presented in the form of a report with recommendations.

Our UX Research
Methods and Tools

[ Methods & Tools ]

Choosing the right user research methods is crucial to keeping your customers satisfied. We'll help you translate your deep understanding of market demand into products and services your users will love.

Want More?

  • Desk Research

  • Quantitative Research

  • Trends Analysis

  • Personas

  • Ethnographic Field Research

  • Tree Testing

  • Concept Testing

  • Hypothesis Validation

  • UX Audit

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Benchmarking

  • Stakeholder Interviews

  • Focus Groups

  • Market Analysis

  • Product Surveys

What Our
Clients Say

[ Clients ]

PwC logo.
PwC logo.

“We’ll keep them hiring for every project in the future.”

Kornel Kulisiewicz, Business Development Director at PWC.

Kornel Kulisiewicz

Business development director, PWC

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Muscat logo.

“Our customer acquisition cost went down by about 50%. Our sales skyrocketed.”

David Winter, co-founder of Muscat.

David Winter


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Onnibus logo.

“We were surprised how quickly they delivered everything we asked for.”

Bernard Gołko, Chief Digital Officer at Onnibus.

Bernard Golko

Chief Digital officer, onnibus

Where UX Research
Fits in the Process

[ Process ]

UX research is the first and most crucial step of every project. It helps you understand your business, your customers and their needs. And it influences every decision at every subsequent stage of the process.

We take the data we gather in the research phase and turn it into actionable insights. These then form the basis of your strategy, which in turn shapes your design, branding, value proposition and future product development.

UX Research

Understand your customers

Discover your users’ real needs. Understand your true business context. And act on solid data – not gut feelings or assumptions.

Learn more

Set the right direction

Turn your research into actionable insights. And define a user experience aligned with your brand, customers, and business goals.

Learn more

Win hearts and minds

Build a distinctive, consistent brand that people remember – and that creates positive emotional connections with your products.

Learn more

The right words in the right places

Create stand-out content that elevates the user experience, grows your brand’s authority, and gets you more conversions.

Learn more
Product Design

Shape customer experience

Design user experiences and interfaces that meet people’s needs in beautiful, intuitive and elegantly simple ways.

Learn more

Make things real

Work with a team that’s got the skills, experience and flexibility to tackle any development challenge.

Learn more
Product Management

Connect the dots

Refine your product vision, bring your project to fruition, and generate the business results and value you need.

Learn more
Data Analytics

Power up your business

Uncover game-changing insights. Make data-driven decisions and get ahead of your rivals.

Learn more
Photo & Video

Amaze. Persuade. Inspire.

Add world-class photo & video content to your communication to reap strong benefits and boost your business.

Learn more

When our partners succeed, we succeed

Increase sales by expanding and engaging your user base, and streamlining the customer experience. Working with us is not a cost. It’s an investement.

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