Concept (MVP/POC) Testing

Even the best idea is nothing without confronting it with reality. That’s why evaluating your business ideas is crucial before investing time and money. The best way to do it is called concept testing.

What is
Concept (MVP/POC) Testing?

Concept testing is a research method to evaluate new product or service ideas before market launch.

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) refers to creating a product with the minimum necessary features to satisfy early users and gather feedback for future development.

POC (Proof of Concept) is a demonstration to verify that certain aspects of a concept or theory are feasible, often used in the early stages of development to assess the practicality of an idea.

MVP and POC are crucial in validating a product's viability and potential success before fully committing to its development.

Benefits of
Concept (MVP/POC) Testing

Concept testing is a research method evaluating new product or service ideas before they are introduced to the market. So, what value does it bring to your business?

Risk Reduction

Early testing of an MVP or POC helps identify and address potential issues before a full-scale launch, significantly reducing the risk of failure.

Cost Efficiency

Testing a simpler, less expensive product version first allows for understanding its viability without incurring the high costs of full product development.

Feedback Gathering

MVP/POC testing provides an opportunity to gather early user feedback, crucial for refining and improving the product based on customer needs and preferences.

Market Validation

This process validates the market demand for the product, ensuring an audience or customer base is interested in it before extensive resources are invested.

Faster Time to Market

By focusing on developing and testing the essential features first, companies can expedite the process of bringing their product to market.

Iterative Development

MVP/POC testing supports an iterative development approach, allowing for continuous product improvement based on real-world testing and feedback, leading to a more refined final product.

Our Approach to
Concept (MVP/POC) Testing

Concept testing typically involves various methods to gather feedback from potential customers. These methods help companies understand how their product or service concept is perceived and the likelihood of its use or purchase.

Successful concept testing requires a deep understanding of the target group and asking specific, relevant questions. Our approach to these tests is based on four pillars:

  • Surveys

    We utilise structured questionnaires to collect quantitative data. Surveys are effective for reaching a large audience quickly and can provide statistical insights into customer preferences and behaviours.

  • In-depth Interviews

    We conduct one-on-one interviews for detailed, qualitative insights. These interviews allow for a deeper exploration of customer opinions and thoughts, providing rich and nuanced feedback.

  • Focus Groups

    The next step is brainstorming. We gather a small, diverse group of people to discuss the concept. This method helps understand different perspectives and uncover insights that may not come out in one-on-one conversations.

  • Online Platforms (e.g., Lookback, Google Meet)

    We use digital platforms for remote concept testing. These tools help reach a broader, possibly global audience and facilitate live interactions and asynchronous feedback.

Our UX Research
Methods and Tools

[ Methods & Tools ]

Choosing the right user research methods is crucial to keeping your customers satisfied. We'll help you translate your deep understanding of market demand into products and services your users will love.

Want More?

  • Desk Research

  • Quantitative Research

  • Trends Analysis

  • Personas

  • Ethnographic Field Research

  • Tree Testing

  • Concept Testing

  • Hypothesis Validation

  • UX Audit

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Benchmarking

  • Stakeholder Interviews

  • Focus Groups

  • Market Analysis

  • Product Surveys

What Our
Clients Say

[ Clients ]

PwC logo.
PwC logo.

“We’ll keep them hiring for every project in the future.”

Kornel Kulisiewicz, Business Development Director at PWC.

Kornel Kulisiewicz

Business development director, PWC

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Muscat logo.

“Our customer acquisition cost went down by about 50%. Our sales skyrocketed.”

David Winter, co-founder of Muscat.

David Winter


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Onnibus logo.

“We were surprised how quickly they delivered everything we asked for.”

Bernard Gołko, Chief Digital Officer at Onnibus.

Bernard Golko

Chief Digital officer, onnibus

Where UX Research
Fits in the Process

[ Process ]

UX research is the first and most crucial step of every project. It helps you understand your business, your customers and their needs. And it influences every decision at every subsequent stage of the process.

We take the data we gather in the research phase and turn it into actionable insights. These then form the basis of your strategy, which in turn shapes your design, branding, value proposition and future product development.

UX Research

Understand your customers

Discover your users’ real needs. Understand your true business context. And act on solid data – not gut feelings or assumptions.

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Set the right direction

Turn your research into actionable insights. And define a user experience aligned with your brand, customers, and business goals.

Learn more

Win hearts and minds

Build a distinctive, consistent brand that people remember – and that creates positive emotional connections with your products.

Learn more

The right words in the right places

Create stand-out content that elevates the user experience, grows your brand’s authority, and gets you more conversions.

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Product Design

Shape customer experience

Design user experiences and interfaces that meet people’s needs in beautiful, intuitive and elegantly simple ways.

Learn more

Make things real

Work with a team that’s got the skills, experience and flexibility to tackle any development challenge.

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Product Management

Connect the dots

Refine your product vision, bring your project to fruition, and generate the business results and value you need.

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Data Analytics

Power up your business

Uncover game-changing insights. Make data-driven decisions and get ahead of your rivals.

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Photo & Video

Amaze. Persuade. Inspire.

Add world-class photo & video content to your communication to reap strong benefits and boost your business.

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When our partners succeed, we succeed

Increase sales by expanding and engaging your user base, and streamlining the customer experience. Working with us is not a cost. It’s an investement.

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