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[ PROJECT SUMMARY ] Create a strong digital presence that showcases the disruptive potential of VAIOT’s blockchain and AI-based services. And launch an ICO platform that gets the company’s founders laughing all the way to the bank.


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Blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) are ground-breaking technological trends individually. But when you put them together, their potential is revolutionary.

VAIOT takes advantage of the latest technology to redefine the future of human transactions using intelligent contracts. Think of it as having the skills and knowledge of a lawyer, a blockchain programmer, and an AI personal assistant – all combined in one unique platform.

[ around the web ]

Website Behance

[ Challenges ]

Together, we can
hit the jackpot

Create a succesful ICO platform

VAIOT was created by industry leaders and experts with a clear mission: revolutionise the transactions industry. Our task was to create a digital solution that meets their exacting standards.

Craft a winning comms, UX and UI strategy

By getting involved in the project right at the very beginning, we were ideally placed to lead the entire process – and deliver a comms and UX/UI strategy that generates exceptional results.

Support VAIOT’s business goals

A key aim of our partnership was to help VAIOT raise the money necessary to deliver their product. So it was vital we brought all our commercial nous and proactivity to the project.

If you’re looking for special
dedication and a constant desire to add value for the customer, you'll be

Paweł Andruszkiewicz


[ Foundations ]

3 pillars

VAIOT is built on a unique combination of blockchain technology and cutting-edge artificial intelligence (IBM Watson). The company aims to revolutionise transactions around the globe, delivering intelligent contracts based on three pillars:

  • User experience

  • Interoperability

  • Advanced cryptographic security

[ Message ]

Finding the simplest way to
describe the indescribable

Blockchain and AI can be difficult subjects for people to get their heads around. It was crucial, then, to communicate VAIOT’s message clearly and concisely. We worked closely with our client to discover, challenge and choose the best slogan to convey their mission.

  • The next global revolution in blockchain happens here and now.

  • VAIOT. The future of human transactions.

  • Intelligent contracts. The future of transactions.

  • Safe transactions across the world. At your service.

[ Approach ]

There is a long way to
creating the best concept

Structuring the website

  • Hero (key message, ICO, CTAs)

  • The pillars of VAIOT

  • The challenge

  • The solution (prototype)

  • VAIOT’s business offer

  • Technology overview

  • The team

  • Roadmap

  • The foundation & AI

  • Coin distribution

[ Discovery ]

Exploring visual styles
with moodboarding

[ Discovery ]

To create world-class digital products and design, an essential part of our process is moodboarding. It allows us to explore visual styles and trends and develop ideas that lead our clients in interesting new directions.

We created multiple concepts for the VAIOT website before the client settled on the final version.

[ UX/UI Design ]

Brand identity:
simple, elegant and

Great products are based on great experiences. And a big part of every great experience is the brand itself. Our designers created the VAIOT brand identity right at the start of the project and used it as the bedrock for the entire design process. The work covered the logo, colour palette, dos and don’ts, rules, patterns, key visuals – and everything in between.

  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO) platform

    The ICO platform sat at the very heart of the website and was designed to convey an appealing message to both ICO supporters and private investors. The project proved so attractive that private investors covered the full sum offered in tokens.

  • Prototype developed by IBM

    Our team has built a long-term partnership with VAIOT, taking on responsibility for strategy, concept, design and development support. And it turns out we’re in good company. IBM, the global tech giant, has also been providing ongoing support for VAIOT’s technology and product development efforts.

  • VAIOT in a nutshell

    With our target segment of private investors in mind, we also created a dedicated one-page document to summarise all the most essential information about the project.

  • Creating the future

    VAIOT has a long-term plan to revolutionise the entire transactions industry. We helped develop a roadmap to serve as a north star for the company, guiding them towards their next milestones and inspiring them to deliver even more value with every quarter.

  • Branding. Packaging. Visual elements

    As a digital consulting company, we manage all the processes and elements involved in creating stand-out products and experiences. In the case of VAIOT, this meant our design team created an extensive list of deliverables, including business cards, social media visuals, roll-ups, documents, templates and more.

[ Results ]

ICO hard cap reached
in private round

When our partners succeed, we succeed too. So we were naturally delighted to learn that VAIOT’s entire funding process was closed by the private round of investment.

The company continues to develop rapidly with new products and services, and we’re excited to see what lies ahead for our partnership.

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