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Hoard – ICO Platform



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[ PROJECT SUMMARY ] Create an ICO platform in under two months to raise $20,000,000 to support the growth of Hoard's gaming industry-focused product. No n00bs allowed for this one.




Content website


  • Digital platform that bridges the gap between NFTs and gaming

  • Enables true ownership of game assets on the blockchain

  • User-owned NFTs can be traded, loaned or rented through Hoard’s marketplace

  • Easy-to-use, open-source tool

  • Aiming to disrupt the $80bn virtual items market

We established a long-term partnership to define the right UX strategy and create an ICO platform that lets the team raise money for further development.

[ Challenges ]

Playing a crucial
last-minute role

Build a successful ICO platform

Hoard’s team had been working on their products for several years. But they still needed a couple more months to deliver an MVP. Our task was to create an ICO platform that would raise the money necessary to help them conquer the market.

Communicate the right message

Hoard is a disruptive force in the blockchain and gaming industries. Our challenge was to create a bold visual identity and head-turning comms strategy to match.

Support Hoard’s No.1 priority

Hoard has an extensive product development roadmap. However, the overriding priority was to create an ICO platform that could generate the funds to bring those products to life. Staying focused on this overarching goal would be key.

[ Discovery ]

Meetings that
are an investment

Our discovery process is the cornerstone of every project we work on. It involves gathering much qualitative and quantitative data to turn into meaningful insights. Although some steps are standard from job to job, we see each brief as a unique challenge and apply a highly personalised approach every time.

Before starting work on the ICO platform, we spent time with Hoard to get to know their business and customers. We clarified their needs and expectations and worked together to define the process.


“Their engagement and proactive approach helped to move all teammates toward a common goal and improved marketing and online strategies.”

Sławomir Bubel

CEO, Hoard

[ Inspiration ]

Follow the trends
or go against them

How do you create work that’s truly innovative and inspiring? For us, it all starts with moodboarding. We use this stage to explore market trends, gather inspiration from various sources, and develop initial creative ideas. This work then serves as a foundation for our creatives to build on throughout the rest of the design process.

[ Approach ]

Simple slogans,
complex case

Boiling a company’s mission into a few snappy words is never easy. And it becomes even trickier with a product as complex as Hoard’s. A deep understanding of the product, the broader market, and the needs and obstacles of potential customers are crucial in cracking the challenge. We developed a selection of brand slogans for the client to choose from, each capturing Hoard’s essence clearly and concisely.

Creating customer segments

Based on our findings in the discovery phase, we identified three distinct customer segments: game players, game developers, and investors. And we created compelling value propositions for each:

For game players

Enable actual ownership of virtual items

Players can own their content and generate revenue from their financial activities.

For private investors

Become part of the next big thing

Our dedicated team is building a suite of products to generate value for gamers and developers. The HRD Token enables all this.

For game developers and publishers

Minimise risks; enhance game development and earning possibilities

We support game devs and offer them revolutionary technology to create meaningful and connected games.

[ UX/UI Design ]

Emphasizing the unique brand spirit: simple, fresh, illustrative

Successful brands have one thing in common - they offer a unique value to their customers and can communicate this value clearly and effectively. And this is what we wanted to achieve with Hoard. Our designers created a homepage that presents the unique from the very first interaction with the homepage. We prepared custom illustrations, an eye-catching colour palette, and icons to do that.

Also, we supported their development team in implementing all the website's design elements. All of that is to help Hoard achieve their business goals and stand out from their competition.


“While working with Flying Bisons, you can expect a partner who demonstrates an interest in the project's overall success and can educate teammates on relevant subject matter.”

Sławomir Bubel

CEO, Hoard

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