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Website Behance

[ PROJECT SUMMARY ] The largest Polish platform for fitness and wellness needed our help. The plan was to design a lean new mobile and web experience. And develop
a communication strategy that packs a punch. All in just
two months. Sweatbands at the ready!




Mobile app & Website


  • Innovative online fitness platform

  • Supports over 700 gyms and fitness studios in Poland

  • Helps users find a gym or coach to match their goals and preferences

  • Quick and convenient online booking for classes

  • Ability to create a fitness plan and communicate with coaches

  • Freedom to train without obligation or contracts

[ around the web ]

Website Behance

[ Challenges ]

Wake up, Samurai.
We have calories to burn.

A race against the stopwatch

We needed to completely rethink the process of registering for a gym, and figure out what motivates (and discourages) people from training. Essentially, to create the ‘Uber of gyms’ – in under two months.

Taking on heavy lifting

To develop the strategy – and agree on a scope of work that allowed us to create something visually unique in the limited time available – we would need to run several workshops with key stakeholders from Gymsteer.

The results - nothing less

Our work would need to translate into an increase in engaged users, and help Gymsteer to achieve their ambitious business goals.


“Flying Bisons did a really great job. We’re now testing the mobile app and we’re launching soon. All the people that have seen it are very impressed.”

Bartłomiej Nowak


[ Discovery ]

Teamwork makes
the dream work

Client workshops are an essential part of every project. And they become even more important when there’s a lot to achieve in a small space of time. We took care to understand Gymsteer’s business, ask the right questions and clarify the problem we needed to solve. We also carried out a UI/UX audit and helped the client develop a new marketing strategy for their product.

[ Approach ]

Everybody's different.
We led with that.

Experience has taught us the importance of strategic and flawlessly executed communication. Together with the client, we set a goal of creating a coherent, targeted comms plan that would guide users smoothly through the entire process – starting from a desire to change their habits and ending with a completed training plan.

Everyone has different fitness goals and obstacles. So to achieve our aims, we created dozens of landing pages communicating different values and benefits, depending on the target persona. These then led to the user flow, which we designed to intuitively guide the user within the Gymsteer app.

[ UX/UI Design ]

Making the design
work out

We dedicated around a month to create the final design for the e-commerce. Our design team consisted of Digital Consultants, UX Designers, UI Designers and Design System Specialists. We’ve been working on a full speed, to create dozens of screens and hundreds of components.

  • Exploring visual styles

    The fitness space is already crammed with popular apps and well-known brands. So, through our iterative design process, we agreed with the client that Gymsteer would need an unusual and eye-catching visual style to set it apart from the masses.

    We did this by beefing up the orange colour already present in the branding, and by adding unique illustrations to give things a special character.

  • Simple. Bold. Energising.

    Great products are built on great experiences – as we never tire of saying. And a big part of those experiences is the brand itself. Our designers are highly skilled at creating brand identities that express the right values. In the case of Gymsteer, this means empowering users who want to achieve their fitness goals without any limits or obligations.

    We created the Gymsteer brand identity right at the start of the project and used it as the foundation for the entire design process. It covered the app logo, colours, patterns, icons, and illustrations.

  • Fine-tuning the mobile app

    Gymsteer’s mobile app is their crown jewel, and the heart of their business. It was essential for us to give users the ability to search for gyms and activities easily, and sign up for them sweat free.

    We also needed to create functionality for checking workout calendars and communicating with clubs and coaches – both key features of the user experience.

  • Getting the website mechanics right

    We divided the website into several dynamic sections that change according to the specific user persona. Photos and texts both change to increase the chances of conversion.

    Separate sections for partners and users make the site clear and transparent, so everyone can quickly find what they are looking for.

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