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Are you collecting the right data and using them for business decisions? Do you have questions and doubts about your digital product that you are trying to verify?

We help you kickstart your digital analytics competency with our comprehensive and methodical processes. We ensure that accurate data is collected based on your business needs, along with insightful analyses that help you understand your business better.

  • Discovery
  • Strategy
  • Development
  • Analysis


At this phase, we seek to understand your business questions and objectives. At the same time, we will also access the cohesion of your current analytics setup. These will help us build a customized Analytics Plan that will help answer the questions you have.

How will we ensure that you are gathering the correct data?

  • We will have an initial workshop where we will discuss the following:
    • We will go through your business questions and pain points that you want to solve, identifying your business objectives and goals along the way.
    • We will identify your internal requirements for marketing, analytics, and software stack.
    • You will share with us your existing measurement plans if available, in addition to the analytics tools you are using.
  • With a tried and tested methodology, we will audit the analytics implementation of your existing website or mobile app.
  • Based on the information we gather from our workshops and audit, we will prepare and share an Audit Report with our findings.


At this phase, we will construct a bespoke analytics solution that helps answer your business doubts.

Based on your organizational needs, a comprehensive data collection and measurement strategy is planned as below:

  • We will prepare a proposed analytics architecture based on our findings, providing you with detailed recommendations and tweaks required. Depending on the outcome of the audit, we will look into a few tools accordingly. Types of platforms we usually recommend include Tag Management tools, Web Analytics tools, and Product Analytics tools.
  • We will prepare an analytics plan based on our findings. This includes identifying key user actions within your website or mobile app that will help us answer your business questions and measure your business objectives. We will also identify the important goals that we want to track in Google Analytics.
  • We will design and plan a development road-map for your tech team, providing specific integration instructions and documentations based on the Analytics Architecture and Plan.


Once all the research and planning are finalized, we move on to an equally important part of your growth process - implementation. As a foundation for accurate data collection, a robust setup of your tools and Back-end integration is paramount.

We will be going through an in-depth implementation for all the relevant components of your analytics engine:

  • Based on the implementation plan we prepared, your development team can proceed to implement the necessary SDKs, events tracking, and user tracking.
  • We will work together with your product owner/tech team to guide them through any questions, issues or roadblocks. If required, we will also assist with the communication with Account Managers and Engineers of any of the 3rd party tools.
  • We will be configuring the front-end platforms, involving your analytics, marketing or product owners wherever applicable. (e.g. Configuring Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Optimize, etc.)
  • Testing and Quality Assurance practices are executed along with the development cycles as well as for the final product. The main goal here is to ensure that the data quality is fit to be used for business decisions.


After we go live with the Analytics implementation, we will wait for a minimum of two weeks to a month before we start to look into your data.

We will cover the following items:

  • Based on your business questions, objectives and goals, we will analyze the relevant data points to derive meaningful insights, helping you to understand your business better.
  • We will prepare reports based on our findings. This will become a basis for you to make business decisions based on data.

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Why digital analytics is so important?

Understanding how you can use Digital Analytics to exponentially grow your business.

Collecting accurate and meaningful data

Anyone can start collecting data by installing Google Analytics, but what is more important is to have the correct settings and filters in place to ensure data accuracy. On top of that, the data collected should be alligned with the business goals and objectives.

“Quality data drives quality decisions. A properly configured analytics implementation means that you can make insightful decisions to maximize conversions, which directly contributes to business growth.“

Łukasz Kowalski
Łukasz Kowalski
Co-founder at Flying Bisons

Making business decisions based on data

Once we have accurate and meaningful data, the next step is to use them. The best business decisions are made based on data instead of a hunch. If there are hypotheses or assumptions that need to be verified, running experiments will help provide relevant insights.

Data analysis to drive continual improvement of digital experience

We firmly believe that growth is correlated with the quality of digital experience. With a robust Digital Analytics setup, we can confidently analyse our data and use it to continually improve the experience of our users.

“Analytics is not about collecting data, it is a process of generating value from your data. Your most important business decisions should be based on data that you can trust.”

Derek Ooi
Derek Ooi
Digital Analyist at Flying Bisons

Grow conversion rate to achieve business goals and objectives

As part of the Digital Analytics process, conversion actions and user funnels are defined and tracked. This helps us measure and optimize the conversion rate of the funnels towards achieving the business goals and objectives.

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