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Our business-driven approach to creating digital products

  • Kamil Tatol

  • Dec 01, 2022

  • 4 min read

  • Dec 01, 2022

  • 4 min read

Michał Proniewicz, Artur Manista, Łukasz Kowalski, Dariusz Osiński, Klaudia Doerffer, and Kamil Tatol.

We want to live in a world where you can access anything, anywhere. Efficient and convenient. The technology to get us there already exists, but millions of extraordinary companies find themselves unable to use it. They have tremendous potential and yet keep noting average results.

Why? Let’s make one thing clear – building digital products is hard.

Every company can do it…

…if it wins the war for talent.

…if it has enough time and resources.

…if it has the know-how to create a feasible vision.

There are many more ifs, and even if you manage to deal with them all, you may still achieve uninspiring results.

You could also try hiring some subcontractors – but can they guarantee the results that you need? Ask the clients who came to us after frustrating attempts at patching up different vendors’ deliverables into a coherent product.

Your third option is to hire Flying Bisons – the company that will build your product from start to finish and take full responsibility for its business results.

We call our unique approach Digital Consulting.

It is an end-to-end process where one partner is enough to discover, define, design, develop, and grow your product – and we’re proud to say we are likely the only partner you will ever need for your digital endeavours.

After all, our mission is to unleash your digital potential. Like we already have for so many leading companies in the market.

How do we build digital products that drive business results?

We’re not the only company in the market that promises to take care of the entire product development process. However, we’re the only one that delivers on this promise.

Flying Bisons will make your bottom line soar thanks to the unique approach that makes us into the digital consulting company market leaders work with.

Our values

Our employees are more than just experts in their domains. They are also proven members of our Herd – living and breathing the values that make us deliver extraordinary results for every client.

Extreme Ownership

Flying Bisons take full responsibility for their tasks. Every smallest part of your product is personally owned by one of our experts, promoting superior quality and attention to detail.

Everyday Proactivity

Flying Bisons fly the extra mile. Our culture glorifies initiative – every idea counts when your goal is to outdo every competitor.

Continuous Improvement

Flying Bisons never stop looking for greener pastures. Skills, procedures, technologies – to optimise our clients’ products for peak performance, we can never stop improving our own processes.

Radical Transparency

Flying Bisons only care about facts – although what we see as feasible may seem impossible to others. We operate based on data and deliver quantifiable results.

Excellent Communication

Flying Bisons march onward, propelled by the power of the Herd. We’re team players who constantly share knowledge and enrich each other’s perspectives.

Our principles

Our principles are what makes our approach successful, efficient, and aligned with Clients who are serious about their ambitions.

Build products as if they were our own

We treat every project as if it was ours from start to finish. We’re in this together.

Ditch bullshit

You will rise above it, or it will bog you down. We don’t have time for sugarcoating – keeping it real is the only way to sustain a competitive advantage

Optimise for value: effort ratio

Our goal is to make the largest impact with the lowest effort, not burn our clients’ money. Bisons enjoy grazing on low-hanging fruit.

Outcomes, not output

Business results are about bringing value, so we focus on value – everything else is secondary.

Our process

A Digital Consulting company is more than a sum of its parts.

The industry experts we have on board are not the only reason we deliver results – it is also thanks to the unique way they collaborate.

  • Holistic approach – On top of their narrow specialisations, our employees are also aware of the broader context and their role within the entire product development process. Our structure promotes interdisciplinary collaboration and exchanging knowledge.
  • Superior skills – Despite a focus on intersectional cooperation, we only hire experts in their fields. Every area of the company is led and mentored by an experienced Head, enabling our employees to keep growing. Thanks to our Flying Bisons Academy, we capture top talent and sustain our dominance in Digital Consulting.
  • Tailored team setup – We have delivered results for most industries that you can imagine, and we use it to our clients’ advantage. When assembling project teams, we scrutinise our employees’ experience to pick people who have not only the right skills, but also a more profound understanding of the client’s context.
  • Deep dive – Our broad experience across sectors brings tremendous value, but we realise that we’re experts in the Digital – and you are the expert when it comes to your company’s situation. When we partner up, we will tap into your know-how and dig deep into the specifics of your industry. All so that the product we build together will truly outshine the competition.

A Digital Consulting company is also not “a software house turned consultancy”. Not “a growth agency that hired some developers”. And definitely not a bunch of disorganised subcontractors with no idea about their place in the product development process.

Everything about Flying Bisons is optimized to take you from a vague idea to a product that outperforms your expectations, and we know the best way to make it happen:

  1. Discovery – gathering the information required to make data-driven decisions
  2. Strategy – defining the value proposition and the strategy of the product.
  3. Concept & Validation – finding product-market fit through validated learning.
  4. Design – creating design resources for the development phase.
  5. Development – bringing design artefacts to life in the form of a state-of-the-art product.
  6. Optimisation – continuously increasing conversion rates, customer satisfaction, and business results.

Why do we build products for others?

With all the skills we’ve just told you about, you might wonder why we’re not a regular product company ourselves.

The answer is simple – why would we limit ourselves to being a company of one product if we can be a company of a thousand products?

From the start, we were confident in our capacity to achieve amazing feats in the Digital, and we were right to feel this way – as proven by PwC trusting us with a major project in our very first year.

By now, working with companies like PwC no longer feels like an achievement. It is our everyday reality as hundreds of millions of people around the world now use the products we’ve built to make their lives easier.

The experience we have amassed across industries, platforms, and contexts has transformed us into world-class experts. You can be sure we have already built something very similar to whatever you have in mind for your company.

And you know what? It would be a waste of our skills to focus on a narrow offering.

We prefer to serve as the special force that turns our clients’ most ambitious visions into reality.

We prefer to make the world a better place, at scale, one product at a time.

We are the right partner to unleash your digital potential

You may think we’re not the only company out there that claims to build great products and work with top brands. Some doubt is healthy; after all, picking a long-term business partner is a high-stakes financial decision.

So let us sum it all up by telling you what our approach translates into for you – hopefully, our future client.

We genuinely take responsibility for your success.

We do love building unbelievably good products, but we also know stakeholders can’t plug our passion into their spreadsheets. That is why partnering with us goes deeper than what you’re used to. We’ll gladly discuss tying our compensation to the business results you achieve, thanks to our involvement. Let your wins become our wins – and we’ll make sure they keep coming.

We relish challenges.

Whatever you need, we will make it happen. Got a high-stakes, big-impact project at scale? That’s our jam. We are who companies come to when they realise their contractors can’t live up to the challenge, and yes, we can turn around even a major failure… But we do recommend talking to us before you waste time and resources on half-measures. Let’s make great things happen.

Working with us is not a cost, it’s an investment.

Despite our devotion to building great products, we realise they are tools – the real goal of our partnership with a client is to achieve tangible business results. Whatever the amount of money you invest in our project, we guarantee your return will be higher.

Are you ready to show us our next challenge? Choose what industry, product, and segment you’re interested in, and let’s set up a call. One of our senior leaders or partners will be happy to discuss how we can propel your business forward.

Kamil Tatol, CEO at Flying Bisons.

Kamil Tatol

CEO & UX/UI Consultant

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