Top 10 UX design agencies to work with in 2024

  • Szymon Rodzeń

  • Apr 17, 2024

  • 15 min read

  • Apr 17, 2024

  • 15 min read

Last year, we reviewed the top 10 UX agencies to work with in 2023 and shared tips for choosing the right one. As the digital landscape constantly evolves, we decided to update our list and reflect on what makes a UX agency stand out in 2024.

Flying Bisons

We’re the architects of digital transformation. With a focus on real-world results, we have a proven track record of successfully helping over 200 businesses to move forward.

Although UX design is at the heart of what we do, our approach extends far beyond pixels and frames. As digital consultants, we strive to provide complete strategies that align with our partner’s needs. And most importantly, we’re more than capable of delivering said strategies thanks to our fool-proof end-to-end process.

No matter if we partner with the biggest brands or small but disruptive startups, our can-do attitude results in developing ideas into fully-fledged digital products. Curiosity drives us to see beyond the current limitations and help our clients unleash their true digital potential. You can reach out to us at every step of this process:

  1. UX Research,
  2. Digital Strategy,
  3. Branding,
  4. Content,
  5. UX/UI design,
  6. Web & Mobile Development (front-end and back-end),
  7. Data Analytics,
  8. Product Management.

We love to work closely with our clients and have become known for turning one-off collaborations into long-term business relationships. With regular feedback sessions, timely updates and transparency, we ensure that the final product meets every need and expectation. To fulfil this goal, we’re constantly broadening our services portfolio. The recent fusion with our close collaborator, FDC, expanded our in-house capabilities to photo and video production, motion design and 3D animation.

Join IKEA, Takamol, KFC and Booksy and work with an award-winning partner that:

  • thrives in complex business scenarios,
  • delivers strategically important projects with a significant impact on the revenue,
  • works flawlessly under tight deadlines,
  • isn’t afraid to work on a large scale.

We continue to maintain a solid foothold in the MENA region while strengthening our presence in telco, banking and public sector areas. The latter led us to create the first report benchmarking CX in top global public platforms.


Clay is a world-class UI/UX design and branding agency from San Francisco. They focus on creating aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly and future-proof digital products that maintain the brand identity. Clay’s team is happy to assist their customers in transforming legacy platforms into services that people simply enjoy using.

Clay’s portfolio includes brands such as Slack, Snapchat, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Uber and TeamViewer.


Also known as, the DigitalDesign.NYC agency has been recognised in 2022 as one of the top-performing women-owned businesses. And for a reason – they excel in creating user-centred UI designs that consider audience demographics and the uniqueness of each project.

They worked with Akemi, The Bait Shoppe, Ms. Foundation and Symphony Sleep, among others.


Neuron, another San Francisco-based agency on our list, believes that with a good UX, B2B software can sell itself. They specialise in designing business and enterprise tools that enhance productivity and offer valuable business intelligence. They tend to start their projects with a Product Blueprint containing the interaction model and specification of the user experience they target.

They worked with forward-thinking clients such as Jobble, Acuity, Vendr and Flo.


Although Humbleteam has no reason to be humble, collaborating with NASA, Google X and Deserve, they don’t like to brag, focusing on delivering digital experiences. They love startups but value scalability, tailoring their design teams to meet the needs of branding, marketing and UX/UI for companies of all sizes.

Humbleteam helps its clients to move from the initial idea to an MVP and beyond, utilising the iterative approach.


What indeed makes Duck.Design agency stand out is their monthly subscription model. They mainly target small companies, offering website design, graphic design, and UI/UX design services. If cost-saving is your main criterion, you can certainly appreciate the availability of off-the-shelf solutions on Duck.Design platform.

The whole process of working with Duck.Design is remarkably streamlined.


With over 50 years of experience, Frog has a rich portfolio of brands they have worked with, including Ikea, Volvo, Purina, UNICEF, Coca-Cola, and Nestle. Despite being one of the oldest agencies on our list, Frog still didn’t cease to embrace innovation, striving to reinvent businesses.

The comprehensiveness of Frog’s offer makes it one of the best choices for those who value a holistic approach.


Eleken, on the other hand, is a young agency that prides itself on being independent. They work with passion, blending technology and design. It’s another agency on our list that utilises a subscription model, where you can pay a monthly fee for an access to a dedicated product designer.

Eleken worked with brands like Acadeum, TextMagic, and Hotspot Shield, and we’re excited to learn about their next endeavours.

Fantasy Co

In its 25 years of existence, Fantasy Co has accumulated a vast portfolio of finished projects. They’re known for some of the most iconic works that left a permanent worldwide impact. Fantasy’s rich legacy allows it to be regarded as a premium UX partner. Their work is one of the finest examples of how human-centric designs can benefit any digital product.

Fantasy has been sought out by brands like Twitter, Facebook, Tesla, Mitsubishi and Polaroid.

UX Studio

Hailing from Hungary, UX Studio was once described as one of the smaller and younger UX agencies. Now, this statement couldn’t be further from the truth since UX Studio has already hired almost 50 professionals and has worked with clients like HBO GO, UN, Wizz Air, and Société. They certainly left a mark on the industry with their publications and accomplished much in their 11-year history.

UX Studio focuses on making its designs intuitive and accessible, conducting surveys and researching whenever possible.

What makes the UX agencies stand out in 2024?

Preparing our list required discovering and researching various UX agencies. It allowed us to carefully select the ones we believe are the most interesting and relevant in the current year. The ranking is subjective, but our criteria were clear – we wanted to find the stand-outs that demonstrate how agencies are keeping up and fitting in with current UX trends. We noticed that our favourite agencies have much in common, as they all prove that adaptation is the key to success. They all incorporate various strategies, but some are certainly more prevalent than others. At Flying Bisons, we proudly employ most of them.

Experimental distribution models

Pursuing the goal of reaching wider audiences, UX agencies experiment in many areas, and distribution models are no different. Traditional client-agency relationships are now a thing of the past, and the UX industry has widely adopted more collaborative partnerships. Some agencies lean towards the co-creation model, allowing clients to actively participate in the design process from the concept phase to the MVP. Others explore subscription-based services, offering predictable costs and continuous support. Some agencies don’t rely on charging solely based on work hours but tie their fees to measurable outcomes, like conversion rate or user engagement metrics.

Data-driven insights

UX research awareness continues to grow, and many UX agencies are placing emphasis on their data-driven approach. It’s a well-known fact that conducting thorough research can reduce costs and lead to better-fitting solutions. Designers can make informed, custom-tailored decisions by analysing user interactions, heatmaps and conversion rates. Real-time data allow for iterative work, ensuring user needs are met throughout the product lifecycle. Optimising flows, reducing pain points, and fine-tuning CTAs result in an increase in conversion rate, but it can only happen with extensive research. You don’t need to start this big, though – even simple tools like quick A/B tests can prove that UX research always provides tangible conclusions.

Sustainability and ethical design

As UX agencies expand their services to new territories, the social and cultural implications of their work become more apparent. Ethical UX practices embrace inclusivity and diversity, mitigate biases, and ensure fairness and accessibility for all users. AI-driven personalisation can play a significant role in achieving these goals, but transparency is crucial. Users should have control over their data and understand how it’s used. Best agencies also consider the long-term impact of their designs. Using fewer resources requires trade-offs, but searching for more eco-friendly solutions can benefit us all. One of the most common approaches in this area involves partnering with hosting providers powered by renewable energy sources.

Remote collaboration

Physical distance generates communication gaps, both within the organisation and outside it. UX agencies collaborate across different geographies and time zones as they reach across the globe. Clear communication protocols are necessary, along with daily feedback, organised digital workspaces, and specialised tools. It’s especially important while working with clients from different cultures – it’s the time when the UX agency’s integrity shines the most. Maintaining a solid remote collaboration culture has obvious benefits, like reduced office space costs and travel expenses and access to global market and talent pool.

Holistic approach

UX agencies are moving beyond pixel-perfect, screen-based designs. They recognise that user experience isn't only about interacting with a digital product but with the entire ecosystem. UX considers touchpoints across desktop, mobile, wearables and even physical spaces. A holistic, end-to-end approach ensures consistency and coherence with the intention of enhancing user satisfaction. As agencies lean into every step of the user journey, they need to collaborate closely with their clients. This user-centric philosophy is at the core of the holistic approach. Prioritising user needs unifies the user experience and fosters trust and loyalty to draw long-term benefits.


Maintaining flexibility requires expansion into new areas, and the best UX agencies are known for incorporating cross-disciplinary workflows. Combining experts from various fields, such as psychology, design, technology and business, yields more well-rounded results. UX research has already become a cornerstone of the industry, but agencies also recognise the power of language and embrace UX writing. This attention to detail makes every word, be it macro- or microcopy, an integral part of every modern design. Navigating this rapidly expanding realm can be difficult, and that’s why we’re starting every Flying Bison’s collaboration with digital consultancy. We want to help our partners identify new opportunities and innovation, optimise existing digital assets and ensure that technology investment aligns with both user expectations and business goals.

Agile methodologies

Adopting agile methodologies has proven crucial for UX agencies aiming to stay ahead. Emphasising sprints and user stories, designers can react quickly, utilising short, focused work periods to create a rhythm of continuous delivery. Moreover, agile methodologies allow for the breaking down complex projects into manageable tasks while maintaining the focal points of the design process. Each cycle brings improvements and enhances the feedback loop. Being agile allows for constant evaluation and making amendments on the fly.


At Flying Bisons, we don’t merely anticipate the future; we’re pioneers, actively sculpting the landscape of UX design. We recognise that our aspirations are echoed across the industry, and we decided to give fellow UX agencies a shout-out to encourage excellence that propels the market forward.

Our expertise lies in navigating the intricacies of the digital realm. We understand the power of digital transformation, and we don’t just guide our clients through this journey – we aim to empower them, leveraging cutting-edge advancements. We’re constantly expanding, experimenting, and diversifying to ensure our partners not only adapt but thrive in the ever-evolving digital ecosystem. If you look to work with the best of the best, don’t hesitate to contact us now.

Szymon Rodzeń

UX Writer

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