Top UI design trends you need to know in 2024

  • Michał Durys

  • Mar 29, 2024

  • 10 min read

  • Mar 29, 2024

  • 10 min read

Dive into the world of UI and discover which trends can take your designs to the next level. Learn how to implement them into your designs and how they can help you design a truly successful product.

3D elements

First, let's talk about a trend that started in 2023 but will continue and grow in 2024. 3D graphics and elements have expanded in the previous year, revolutionising how users interact with products. This year, it will blow up even more, resulting in the implementation of 3D elements into basic interface elements which have not been implemented before, such as CTAs, switches or inputs. We can not wait to do this ourselves, and we recommend you do similar and dive more into this trend to level up your designs.


Non-obvious colours

A trend that is definitely more obvious than its "name". When designing a product and thinking about colours, you always go for the most obvious ones, right? And what if you would go for colours you have never thought of before? That's precisely what it is all about with this trend. Choosing non-obvious colours for your products will take your design game to the next level. The benefit of such choices is distinguishing your brand from other popular brands. However, keep in mind that if you decide to choose non-obvious colours, you have to use appropriate contrasts.


Dark mode

This trend has been a thing for a while now, becoming the standard for many platforms. The dark mode is a UI design style where the light text sits on a dark background. This colour scheme reduces the luminance emitted by device screens. It first appeared in 2016; however, many platforms, even the major ones, still need to implement this functionality. So, in our opinion, 2024 will be the year of mass implementation of the dark mode on more and more platforms, including the major ones. This is all because this functionality was very well received by users all around the world.


Massive Typography

In 2024, we will see a lot of bold, massive typography on various platforms and products. Designers use it to highlight their project's elements and stand out from the crowd. In general, this trend is all about typography transcending its traditional role and becoming the centre of design. As a designer, if you want to learn and implement good typography into your products, start by comprehending its principles to bend them successfully. Also, remember that this type of typography can have shock value, which is why you need to think through it and plan it carefully and intentionally.


Glassmorphism - glass effect in UI

Here, let's explain a couple of things. Glassmorphism is a UI trend that makes users feel that they can see through the elements, and it has a sense of verticality to it. It's made strictly because of the design elements that look like translucent frosted glass. There are also three main characteristics of glassmorphism for every design – light borders, transparency and vivid or pastel colours.

To keep the balance between a good-looking design and accessibility, start by implementing this effect only in backgrounds because no matter what, your UI should still work without any background. This way, people with visual impairment will be able to interact with your interface seamlessly.

In 2024, glassmorhpism is expected to be highly developed across multiple platforms, so it is an excellent opportunity for you, as a designer, to master this skill and implement it in your projects.


AI-integrated design

Artificial intelligence is a trend that is the hottest one in most aspects of our lives nowadays. In UI design, we must recognise the fact that AI is becoming an integral part of a designer's work. That is exactly why, as a designer, you should start exploring the world of AI in terms of tools that will help you with your designs. In 2024, new plugins and tools are expected to enter the market to speed up and organise our work. It is crucial to remember that there is no need to be afraid of AI; it is better to learn how to use it to your advantage. By doing so, you will be able to improve your work organisation and your overall design outcomes.


When it comes to the no-code trend, it will soon be not only a trend but a standard in the design industry. Although this tool is not used on a big scale right now, in 2024, it will change, and this solution will be widely developed. At this moment, all of the designers are waiting for Figma to implement no-code tools to its software for good. From my experience, I highly encourage any designer to develop their skills in this exact sector and stay up-to-date with all the latest news and updates from the no-code world. I hope that all designers in 2024 will be able to implement their LPs without any significant problems thanks to the no-code solutions.

Michał Durys

UI Design Manager

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