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Flying Talks: Interview with delio

Feym Fliegner, Chief Marketing & Product Officer at delio, talks about working with Flying Bisons.

Anastasia Khuzda

Anastasiia Kuzhda

  • Apr 12, 2023

  • 3 min read

The first month of 2022 came with rain and snow and found Flying Bisons working at full steam on delio. By March of the same year, delio entered the online grocery market, ushering in a breath of fresh air and the arrival of spring to the industry. The app flourished and our partnership blossomed, much like the tulips that bloom during this season. See what Feym Fliegner, Chief Marketing & Product Officer at delio, has to say about working with Flying Bisons!

Who are you, and what are your top responsibilities or goals at work right now?

delio - a new e-grocery platform, entered the market in the spring of 2022. Not an entire year - and we reached over 12 mln potential customers. My name is Feym Fliegner, and my role is Chief Marketing & Product Officer. I am responsible for creating a world-class e-commerce experience for delio.

Feym Flinger

Chief Marketing & Product Officer at delio

What challenges or problems did you want to tackle or solve? What were your goals?

Our core challenge was to correspond to the same simplicity of use: your groceries delivered to your doorstep and the clearness of the UX environment.

Why did you choose Flying Bisons as your digital partner?

Flying Bisons convinced us with reputation and talent width on their teams.

Before, we worked with multiple partners on individual components, but we realised that we needed more holistic support for our internal design & development teams.

How long have you been working together?

We started cooperating at the beginning of 2022.

What was the scope of Flying Bisons’ services for your company?

The leading service was to support our in-house design team in developing front-end concepts, detailing individual screens, ongoing UI enhancements and UI/UX performance diagnostics. We also benefited from their expertise in UX writing.

What were the results of partnering with Flying Bisons? Can you share any data or evidence of its impact on your product/goals/challenges?

We launched our mobile app natively on iOS and Android after only three months of development.

Flying Bisons worked comprehensively on UI/UX problems with depth and expertise. This perspective comes from a vast experience working across numerous developments and a significant project scale. The effect is a pragmatic, straightforward solution.

Flying Bisons worked comprehensively on UI/UX problems with depth and expertise.

If you were to describe Flying Bisons in 3–5 adjectives, what would they be?



Investing in product excellence.

What is your advice for companies looking for a digital partner?

It’s important to start by looking at a potential partner’s past experience to get an idea of their capabilities. However, it’s more important to consider how relevant this experience is to the industry rather than the big brand names associated with their previous clients.

Additionally, I would probe for an understanding of the entire product development process to ensure the design is coding-ready and re-work held to a minimum.

Finally, I would be mindful of taking care of pragmatism in initial discussions - early staged, predicted product solutions rarely end up being helpful to the UX/UI experience of the end user.

Do you have any advice for Flying Bisons’ potential clients?

Dedicate time and capacity to seek a productive conversation with the team. The Flying Bisons is excited to engage with ideas and identify the best solutions through workshops. This is working well.

Need a digital partner for your mobile app?

We’ll take a holistic look at your project and take your digital product to the next level. We can do it all – from research & strategy, through UX/UI design and content writing, to development. Our experts are second to none, and we can’t wait to work with you on your next big move. Don't hesitate to contact us!

Anastasia Khuzda

Anastasiia Kuzhda

Brand Manager

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