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Two Red Dot Awards for Flying Bisons: delio and the redesign of our website

  • Anastasiia Kuzhda

  • Nov 07, 2023

  • 2 min read

  • Nov 07, 2023

  • 2 min read

In the ever-evolving design world, where creativity meets functionality, we won not just one but two Red Dot Design Awards in the Brands & Communication Design competition. It's not just recognition; it's a standing ovation for our constant pursuit of design excellence. But how did we manage to charm the demanding Red Dot jury twice? Let's dive in!

Red Dot: Where creativity meets prestige

The Red Dot Design Award is among the world's largest and most prestigious design competitions. Red Dot is recognised internationally as a symbol of excellence in design. Receiving not one but two Red Dot Awards in a Brands & Communication Design competition is like winning double gold, highlighting a remarkable commitment to pushing the boundaries of design excellence.

delio: Raising the bar in e-grocery design

delio, once a little-recognised startup, is now one of the leaders in the e-grocery industry. Our shared aim was to revolutionise the mobile e-commerce experience by designing an application that is user-friendly and sets a new industry standard.

Flying Bisons relied on research and strategy to create an application that is simple, convenient and exceeds user expectations. Thanks to their design, shopping on mobile devices is easier than ever, and our clients are satisfied. By maintaining consistency in visual communication, together we have made grocery shopping a modern, while still comfortable and accessible experience for our customers.

— Iga Sołowińska, Marketing Communication Manager at delio

The Red Dot Award for delio in the "App" category reflects our bold and innovative approach, signifying that delio is on the path to becoming an industry leader.

Flying Bisons website: The perfect harmony of opposites

We are a modern consulting company offering a full range of digital services based in Warsaw. Our recent rebranding process was a milestone and, at its core, was a complete website overhaul.

Bold and innovative, our website showcases our commitment to exceptional design, unique branding, and the inclusion of dynamic 3D elements. It's not just a digital presence but a true reflection of our identity. We don't just talk about our work; we show many case studies that demonstrate what we're all about.

Our website design perfectly reflects the duality of our brand - where professionalism meets creativity, just like our name, Flying Bisons. We dared to stand out with a clean, modern design, interesting typography and an intuitive user interface that ensures easy navigation. Dynamic 3D elements add a visually stunning aspect that sets our site apart.

— Jarek Marczak, Creative Director at Flying Bisons

Every detail of our website has been carefully crafted to align with our brand values and mission. We prioritise inclusivity and accessibility, in line with industry standards, to ensure everyone can access and interact with our content.


At Flying Bisons, we are not just a consulting company; we are pioneers, boundary pushers, and creators of unique solutions. Our two Red Dot Awards testify to our unwavering commitment to innovation and design excellence.

Join us in celebrating this extraordinary achievement, and stay tuned as we will continue to aim high and fly higher in design and innovation.

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