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A new approach

The optical market can be considered to have an old-fashioned approach to its customers and sales. Buying eyewear is usually associated with the need to visit the showroom and make decisions under pressure in a short amount of time.

Muscat has changed the way it communicates with the customer, the way that products are presented, and the selling process itself. Their ideas break with tradition to create an innovative new shopping experience. Optimising this innovative online purchasing system was quite a challenge. Unlike the old sales process, goes beyond the boundaries of the internet, right to the customers' home. We made sure they understood all the potential solutions.


Home try on shopping experience optimisation


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01 Goals

Conversion rate optimisation

We were asked to redesign the whole e-commerce selling process. The ultimate goal was to increase the conversion rate, and a deliver world-class user experience.

Home try on shopping experience optimization

  • A custom idea assuming exit from the schematics required
  • Higher conversion
  • Fast exploring

02 Process

Detailed discovery phase

We needed to understand the complexity and logistics of Muscat’s operation. That meant hours of workshops with founders and staff. We did an audit of the previous website, and analysed numbers, conversions, and the customer journey.


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03 Effect

400% home try boost

Our months of hard work really paid off, and the result was fantastic. In the first month after the new Muscat website was released, the ‘home-try’ conversion rate increased fourfold.


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Innovative model

A bespoke solution that was a departure from the usual purchasing process meant that we needed to redefine the relationship between the user and the website. The classic e-commerce shopping experience relies on adding a product to the basket, then finalising the transaction.

Muscat had two options. The classic shopping experience, and the pre-existing home try-on. From a UX point of view, the core to the home try-on was the dressing room, but we also had to bear in mind users going through the conventional purchasing process. We wanted them to always be able to go straight to finalising the transaction. We wanted to prioritise comfort, efficiency and intuitiveness on the journey.

Home Try-on

The idea of home home try-on was simple. It transported the process of finding the best glasses to suit the customer’s face-shape in their comfort of their own home.

Although it made the purchasing process more comfortable, it also generated two problems that we had to deal with.
The first problem is the loss of contact with the customer, as the customer leaves the website during the purchase process. The second problem that arose is the customer returns process.



With the home try-on landing page that we’d created, we had one overriding goal. We needed to keep the user on the site, even when they are trying on glasses at home. The main goal was to keep in touch with the customer via the website.

While helping to choose the right frames, there was also room for possible upsells and to get additional information about the process or the product. Most importantly, the home fitting room allows the customer the luxury of time to choose.



Another approach that makes Muscat stand out from the rest, is the product feed itself. In contrast to the usual approach, clicking on a product doesn’t take the user to a new page.

This enables the user to take a look at the product. It’s only the next click that then goes to the product page, allowing the customer to see the selected pair of glasses on the face of the model at different angles.

Sales aesthetics is an innovative designer brand. Its customers associate it with extraordinary solutions and aesthetics. First impressions are defined by the initial few seconds on the site, and this is reflected in the customer’s idea of the brand’s image.

We wanted to show that embodies the spirit of the future. In a project like this, every element is key.

We fully integrated the process design with the visual design, in order to achieve the highest quality design. We were fully involved in every aspect of image creation for the website. For our UI designers, consistency was absolutely key..


Immersion from interactivity

This process can be defined as both interactive and visual. Customers can see how the selected product looks at different angles. Thanks to this, we’ve left the standard, flat gallery behind, and created an interesting function that allows the customer to be more fully immersed in the site.

Photo session

Our interface designers used assumptions from the mock-ups to in the process of creating their design. The next step was to maintain the coherence of the website through the arrangement of visual elements like colour and images. This led to the production of photo shoots with models, and resulted in pictures of products and vouchers.


Exceeding Expectations

Actively working together with Muscat and having clearly defined goals produced measurable results.

Since the new website was launched, the number of home dressing rooms increased fourfold in the first month. The work that we did for Muscat has resulted in an ongoing collaboration, which aims to increase conversions and optimise the website.

Testimonial photo
Dawid Winter

Dawid Winter Co-founder of Muscat Eyewear

„Our customer acquisition costs went down by about 50% and our sales skyrocketed.
This was the impact of our engagement with Flying Bisons who added a great deal of value to the project on many different stages.”

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