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Flying Talks: Interview with eobuwie

Marcin Wcisło, Head of Experience Design at eobuwie and Modivo, talks about working with Flying Bisons.

Anastasia Khuzda

Anastasiia Kuzhda

  • Jun 02, 2023

  • 3 min read

eobuwie is a well-known and recognisable sales platform that helps people find shoes and accessories that make them feel great. So it's no surprise they need one of the most technologically advanced sales apps.

Who are you, and what are your top responsibilities or goals at work right now?

My name is Marcin Wcisło, and I am Head of Experience Design responsible for the digital product experience development of eobuwie, a market leader for footwear retail in Central and Eastern Europe.

Marcin Wcisło

Head of Experience Design at eobuwie and Modivo

What were the challenges or problems you wanted to tackle or solve? What were your goals?

When designing the new eobuwie app, we needed a partner who would carry out a series of product studies exploring the environment in which our app is located and lead the next stage of designing the views and elements needed to start developing the app. This was to conclude with our new app's scenario testing of the finished product.

Why did you choose Flying Bisons as your digital partner?

Flying Bisons convinced us not only with its vision for the research work but, above all, with its excellent portfolio of projects carried out to date.

Flying Bisons convinced us not only with its vision for the research work but, above all, with its excellent portfolio of projects carried out to date.

How long have you been working together?

We worked together for nearly a year on our main project and on several occasions during smaller side projects that came up in the meantime.

What was the scope of Flying Bisons' services for your company?

Research and Design.

What were the results of partnering with Flying Bisons? Can you share any data or evidence of its impact on your product/goals/challenges?

An undoubted advantage of the processes carried out by Flying Bisons is that, even several months after the work has been completed, we are able to go back and refer to the research conclusions.

What are you the proudest of?

The app, which Flying Bisons was involved in designing, has been nominated for this year's Mobile Trends.

What would you do differently if you started cooperating with Flying Bisons again?

Off the record, we would have done a better job of assessing and defining the project scope. In retrospect, I think we did it a bit too cursory.

Is there anything Flying Bisons could/should have done differently or better? Why?

The whole project was mixed. Many actors and people were involved, including on our side. I think we could have done a better job of getting to know the Flying Bisons designers themselves, which would have helped us get the most out of them.

What do you like or appreciate the most about Flying Bisons?

We certainly very much appreciated the communication and openness within the company.

If you were to describe Flying Bisons in 3–5 adjectives, what would they be?





Is there any message you'd like to share with Flying Bisons team members you worked with?

I hope that we will get into more than one project together in the future.

Is there anything you would like to share regarding cooperation with Flying Bisons?

This is universal advice, but the better you plan the 'rules of the game' in a project, the better the result you will get at the end.

What is your advice for companies that are looking for a digital partner?

Always consider Flying Bisons when choosing a partner. We do.

Do you have any advice for Flying Bisons potential customers?

I can only answer this question as above.

Anastasia Khuzda

Anastasiia Kuzhda

Brand Manager

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