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BeamUP app combines two functionalities - advisement of ways to spend time together and simplicity of joint payments. Our initial meeting with Beamup stakeholders specified that combination of these mentioned directions should appear on one interface - for our project team, it was the determinant of the first challenge to face.

Research and iterative development of application allowed us to create a useful and functional product. After successfully testing the prototype, we went on to design further solutions that are in line with long-term development plans. The possibility of comprehensive, multi-layered help in the implementation of perspective-oriented start-ups is an indescribable and great joy for Flying Bisons.


To make sharing money easy and fun


Finance Technology



01 Goals

Seamless experience across different functional areas

The goal was to combine marketplace and fund sharing functions in a way that results in seamless experience. It turned out to be crucial in the project and it highly improved aesthetics and usability.

02 Process

Iterative design process

We knew that we have to look for unusual interface solutions to achieve our goals. We have begun our work with open minds and came up with lots of creative ideas that we then started to test repeatedly to find the best solution.

03 Effect

200 000 transactions

Just after first three months over 50 000 users registered, over 200 000 transactions have been made and BeamUp has been very well acclaimed by users who gave positive grades and comments.

Send, Ask, Share

BeamUp is an application that solves the problems of joint shopping and city ventures. Thanks to functions such as sharing bills or organizing whip-rounds, collecting money for different occasions becomes problem-free. Also, the funds transferred between wallets appear in the blink of an eye.

Seamlessness of the processes was crucial, so the ease of use and navigation inside the BeamUP application would be big advantage over other similar solutions. In a wider perspective, it shall contribute users to stray away from traditional banking applications and other e-wallets.


Transparent marketplace

The element that distinguishes the BeamUP application from the scope of other electronic wallets is a rich marketplace full of offers for entertainment with friends. Most importantly - offers are carried out more easily, cheaper and in one place.

The navigation inside the marketplace has been solved using the swipe navigation so that the user can view the content quickly and comfortably. Such a procedure was aimed at allowing the user to quickly reach his interest with the least of his attention - the user gets the necessary minimum information needed to make a choice.

Electronic wallet & market

Balance in crucial information appearance - that was both the goal and guide that Beamup gave us during the first workshop.

The first major challenge that appeared in front of the team - reconciling the two extreme different functions on one screen when none of them could have prevailed. It turned out that the simplest solutions work best - that is why, after internal arrangements, we have split the screen. One part of it was responsible for the wallet and payments, the other for the market and its sales functions. Of course, in the designers' mind, static separation and forcing users to use half the screen was an extremely ineffective assumption. Hence the natural step was to create a seamless, fluid navigation that allows a user to switch between full screens of both functions.


Design complexity

The creation and implementation of the project which had 391 screens required a large amount of resources and inter-team work. Creating the architecture of such an extensive application, while maintaining the simplicity and intuitiveness of usability and its visual coherence of interfaces required the work of several designers at the same time. The weekly statuses with the client were also irreplaceable. During joint workshops the azimuth of the BeamUp application development was determined and the overall shape of app could be clearly seen.


Quick actions

The User Experience developed for an effective combination of two extremes is the first layer of the extended BeamUP application architecture. While the history of shopping and marketplace is straightforward and easy from the point of view of processes - the case of BeamUP, however, payments are the most demanding function.

This function must maintain full fluency and simplicity with spontaneous and quick action and decisions. Therefore, even when navigating the sales section, access to fast payment functions is guaranteed.

Purchases processes unification

The multitude and diversity of the product categories directly affected the number of different forms of the purchasing process. In addition to one-time purchases like tickets, there are also renewable subscriptions.

It requires logging in to other websites or group offers. Therefore, they had to be thought out so that, while maintaining consistency and ease from the user's side, it was possible to flexibly collect the various data required for purchase.


During the implementation of the project flow, we carried out usability tests. Only thanks to them we were able to notice some shortcomings and eliminate them early in the information architecture design phase. Users are best in verifying poorly designed user experience - based on this sentence, we repeatedly conducted the research to create the best final product.

The last phase of the research cycle, carried out just before the release of the final application, was based on a high-level hi-fidelity prototype. In addition to the entire user experience, he had all the animations, graphics and interactions of the final product - one could say that it imitated the finished product. Its main goal was to fully confirm the functionality of the application and verify that no errors will occur.


Weekly iterations

The introduction of the product to Appstore and GooglePlay did not mean the end of work on it. During the weekly status, we present our observations collected as an external observer and consultant. In addition, we plan and select the key functions for the development of the project.

All added processes and screens are implemented in accordance with long-term development plans and with full visual coherence within the entire application.

Paweł Trocki
Paweł Trocki

Paweł Trocki CEO AT BEAMUP

„Flying Bisons understands client’s needs and the specifics of a project in no time and helps you to achieve the goal as planned. They have the ability to keep things simple and back their rationale even when the idea is not in line with clients initial thoughts.”

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