Digital Transformation
& Brand New E-Commerce

Jerónimo Martins Group is a Portuguese company established in 1792. With its international presence, it owns multiple brands. One of the brands of Jerónimo Martins Group is Hebe - the second most popular drug store in Poland.

Hebe is one of the favorite brands of millions of Polish women. Flying Bisons have been choosen by Jeronimo Martins Drogerie i Farmacja as a partner to transform offline services intoe-commerceand digital experiences for millions of customers.

  • Touchpoints

    Less than 2 months

  • Goal

    To successfully launch brand newe-commerce.

  • Industry

    Retail (Cosmetics)

  • Scope

    Discovery, Strategy, User Experience, User Interface, Quality Assurance

  • Technology

    Strategy, UX & UI Design

  • Partners

    Jeronimo Martins Drogerie i Farmacja Sp. z o.o.

  • 01
    The Challenge

    Brand new e-commerce

    Digital Transformation is a very complex and hazardous process but conducted adequately; it can redefine the future of the company. We were challenged to create brand newe-commercefor one of the top brands of Jeronimo Martins Group - Hebe.

  • 02

    Digital transformation

    We are proud to be involved in this project from the very beginning. Along side with Client’s Partners, we were responsible for Discovery, Strategy, Design and Quality Assurance of the platform.

  • 03

    E-commerce launch

    We have been working together with Jeronimo Martins Drogerie i Farmacja to create brand newe-commerce. We have based our design and business decisions on qualitative and quantitive data; therefore, we believe the outcome meets all users’ expectations and requirements.


Digital Transformation &
Brand New E-commerce


Jeronimo Martins Drogerie i Farmacja Sp. z o.o. wants to enhance its digital presence and boost online sales. Hebe, one of the most popular drugstore brands in Poland until July, hada contentwebsite so far. Together, with Hebe, we have faced the challenge of digital transformation.

How it all started?


As Flying Bisons, we are proud to have a chance to work with the Hebe company and together take on the challenge to conducta partof Digital Transformation and create brand newe-commerce, dedicated to UX ofe-commercepa. We believe our process, and result-oriented proposal let us beat other companies. In the end, it is always about business and the results you deliver.

Understanding Customers


Great businesses are built on great experiences. To make those happen, we always start with understanding user's motivations, needs, pains, goals, and behaviors. Even though we were responsible for digitizing offline services, we wanted to providea first-class, consistent experience across all channels.


Google Analytics and CRM Data Analysis


Based on qualitative research, we have created a great mental model. Based on all insights gathered in the discovery phase, we have defined the essential user flows and patterns, which let us move to the next stages with the least possible risk.

Product Categories,
Filters, Badges and More


Defining Scope and Content
of the E-commerce


Even though was just a content site, it consisted of dozens of subpages. Before we started created any sketches, we have organized and prioritized the scope of the platform. We had to add multiple pages related toe-commerce, and on the other hand, we removed many pages that had the least views. That let us minimize the time & costs, as well as to keep the focus on the most important things.


Defining Essential Subpages and the Interaction Design


Many designers start their design process with sketching and jumping into wireframes. We believe there’s an essential step that cannot be skipped: the wire flows.


Wireflows are very basic sketches of the screens that are presented with the relations. Based on those, we can define processes, interactions, and red routes.

Exploring Categories
& Products with Ease


How to present and display all those product categories? Additionally, we have defined unique collections for all of the main product categories to provide users an easy way of exploring top offers.




To provide the best quality and to minimize the project’s risk, we always divide the design process into two main activities: wireframing and user interface design.


We have created over 100 unique screens for mobile, desktop, and tablet devices. All of the design decision was based on previous stages (especially Research Stage).

Visual Design


A picture is worth a thousand words... so a great Visual Design does. We believe it is an extremely crucial element of product success. Once we went through the entire Product Design Process (Research, Strategy, Information Architecture), the Visual Design was a cherry on the top.

User Interface User Interface

Over the past month, we have been doing internal and external user testing. The feedback about the design, navigation, intuitiveness, and ease of use has been extremely positive. The work they produced, the ideas they had, and what we were able to put into practice so far is quite positive.

Francisco de Almeida

Francisco de Almeida

E-Commerce Director at hebe