Making complex
things super easy

The result of our long-term cooperation with NN TFI is a new project aimed at designing complex purchase paths for investment funds and pension products. Creating an entirely new UI approach, fresh and timeless, and above all streamlining the purchasing process of complicated investment products, was the main challenge here.

11.2018 – 10.2019

  • Scope

    Discovery, Research, Strategy, UX, UI, Analytics, Quality Assurance

  • Industry

    Fintech, Investments

  • Time frame

    11 months

  • Platforms

    NN TFI technologies

& Background

NN TFI Flamingo strategy and discovery

The starting point for our team was to understand the decision-making process when users are deciding investment fund, including its concerns and problems. We have expanded our knowledge about customer journey through qualitative research (analysis of user behavior recordings) and in-depth interviews. In the next step, during a series of workshops, we developed three main user segments for which we designed dedicated purchasing processes.

NN TFI Flamingo strategy and discovery

Pension or Investment


The user deciding to buy an investment product faces several decisions. The first is the choice between placing money directly on the fund or saving it by a pension product. In the next step, the user decides to choose IKE or IKZE — voluntary social insurance regulated by the Polish government, and in the case of investment, wants a specific fund from the NN TFI offer. Our task was to streamline this process and enable the user to understand the various stages and thus simplifying his purchasing decision.

NN TFI Pension or Investment

The Process


We worked in a full design process, which helped us
to manage the project from defining goals to results optimization.

NN TFIFlamingo process

UX & Wireframes


To provide the best quality and to minimize the project’s risk,
we always divide the design process into two main activities:
wireframing and user interface design.

NN TFIFlamingo UX & Wireframes
NN TFIFlamingo UX & Wireframes

Colour Scheme


The primary color remained the same. We just picked up couple of additional hues based on it, so that they fit with the original one.





















We could only use the NN group font, which, thanks to its minimal form and modernity, fits perfectly into the new visual style.

NN TFI Typography

User Interface


The clean and modern interface allows you to pay attention to the main things on the site without wasting your attention. The biggest challenge was to make this complicated thing look super easy, and reimagine the visual language with a contemporary flavor while still matching the strict brand aesthetics and existing products.

NN TFIFlamingo User Interface
NN TFIFlamingo User Interface
NN TFIFlamingo User Interface

Mobile version

The same goals and challenges as for desktop but we also aimed to make it as minimal as possible while keeping efficient. Approach is mostly adaptive rather than responsive.

NN TFI Flamingo Mobile version
NN TFI Flamingo Mobile version
NN TFI Flamingo Mobile version
NN TFI Flamingo Mobile version
NN TFI Flamingo Mobile version
NN TFI Flamingo Mobile version

Making value from the data


Anyone can start collecting data by installing Google Analytics, but what is more important is to have the correct settings and filters in place to ensure data accuracy. On top of that, the data collected should be aligned with the business goals and objectives.

NN TFI Flamingo Making value from the data
STEP 1 User performs an action/event
on the website.
STEP 2 Data Layer with relevant details
is published based on the action
being tracked.
NN TFI Flamingo Making value from the data
NN TFI Flamingo Making value from the data
STEP 3 GTM reads the data layer and passes
the data to various analytics
and marketing tools set up in GTM.

& A/B Testing


Our long term goal is to work in the data-driven process only. Analytics and CRO are our current primary focus. We believe that a data-driven process is the only sustainable way of increasing conversion rate and building long term relationships.

The data-driven process is not about collecting data. It is a process of generating value from the data. The most critical business decisions should be based on data that you can trust.

NN TFI Optimization & A/B Testing
Magdalena Markowska

“Flying Bisons is a great partner. They’ve got knowledge and expertise and they’re open to new ideas. End users appreciate the intuitive customer journeys implemented by Flying Bisons. Thanks to Flying Bisons’ innovation-forward style and focus on finding solutions, complicated products are marketed in an attractive, simple way. Customers can expect a committed, personable team.”

Magdalena Markowska

Marketing and E-Commerce Director at NN Investment Partners