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360 Customer View

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    User Experience, User Interface, User Journey, Workshops, Prototype

Winning at today’s retail banking market requires customer centric and long term business planning based on single point of truth – Customer Lifetime Value.

360 CLV App is a tool for sustainable and optimal customer base management that supports decision making at top and middle management level.

What is the most important factor here? Advanced analytics, for sure. But beside that we had to rethink also how to present them in a clear and comprehensible way so that people who use them can make better decisions.


User needs
answers, not data

Analytics provided us with tons of important data. Our job was to figure out which data and to what extend show to different users of the application. Eg. top management doesn't look at complicated charts. If something goes wrong they call middle managment for explanation. Middle management understands more detailed data but still needs support from specialists.



"Junior Banker"

In our team we say that you need to become a „junior banker” to design useful banking management software. It's just partly a joke. After hundreds of hours of workshops you slowly start to think like bank management and only then you can build a proper architecture.

Data visualization

Data visualisation is not just a top layer that looks pretty. You have to think about it during whole designing process. Many times you will find new better way to visualise data and it can change your architecture a lot. In a good way.



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    User Experience, User Interface, User Journey, Workshops, Prototype, Frontend

The new International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS 9 to be applied in 2018) brings new challenges for financial institutions. Because of the new provisioning rules, banks will have to adapt its' current solutions to the amended requirements.

A new system we designed for PwC will help financial consultants get prepared for this changes resulting in different scenarios by simulations and stress tests of various variables and by analysing their impact on the current brand portfolio.



Main features we designed for the new system makes every calculation more elastic for the user. New data can be input by single click, entire credit portfolio can be view in one place and the results can be parametrized in line with desired objectives. Overall design makes understanding the impact of initial parameters and given factors much more clearer.


What's important, user can now modulate and test it from different levels, not only in the A-Z direction.

We introduced also two different user categories – for begginers and consultants already experienced in financial simulations – to help them navigate easily trough functions the use on a daily basis.


Data visualization

More foreward-looking view on the portfolio and possible scenarios is facilitated by interactive reports. We made them more transparent with dynamic charts and possibility to compare the scenarios and change parameters of the analysis with just few clicks.


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    User Experience, User Interface, User Journey, Workshops, Prototype

E-brand designed for PwC is a tool providing information to support effective operations on the FMCG brands for Brand Managers. With useful solutions we proposed, quick and easy access to the most frequently used analysis and market information among others are just few clicks away.


Drill down

One of the solutions we designed for the complex data source that E-brand offers, was a drill down naviagtion. By one click user can add following factors to get a multilayer analysis of the brand results compared to the whole market or to another brand/brands from the category.

Transparent layout of the site visually guides through the next levels and dynamic changes in FMCG brand's performance can be easily catched.

Daily and long-term advantages

E-brand gives tangible benefits on each level of cooperation with a brand. It gives user all the information necessery for effective, daily operations and creating long-term stategies as well.

Given all the advanced data brand managers work with every day, UX had to be as intuitive and easy-to-use as possible. Simple charts and readable nativation through the variables allow to get quick feedback on given case or activity.


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