Our Clients

We are working with the biggest worldwide brands, local market leaders and startups helping them with their strategic projects. In this section, you will find a list of them.

  • KFC

    The second-largest fast-food brand worldwide

  • Muscat

    Changing the eyewear industry

  • Bank Pekao

    One of the biggest Polish banks

  • Zain

    Middle-east biggest telecom

  • NC+

    Second biggest TV provider in Poland

  • Nationale Nederlanden

    Worldwide insurance and asset management company

  • NN TFI

    Globalna firma inwestycyjna, której atywa to 280 mld USD

  • BeamUp

    Financial Tech Startup with a built-in marketplace

  • PWC

    Consulting powerhouse

  • Daimler

    Automotive powerhouse

  • IKEA

    Worlds biggest furniture company

  • Dominos

    One of the worlds biggest pizza-restaurant chain

  • Kompania Piwowarska

    Polish second biggest brewing conglomerate


    Royal Music Academy from the UK

  • Cinema City

    International cinema chain

  • PolskiBus.com

    The largest carrier in Poland

  • Accelpoint

    European Accelerator Programme for Intelligent Technologies

  • Textil-one

    European workwear provider for corporate clients

  • Going

    Parties, concerts, and tickets

  • Getin Bank

    One of the biggest bank in Poland

  • Vet Expert

    Supporting veterinarians and animal caregivers

  • Carsmile

    Longterm online car renting platform

  • Veriori
  • Vaiot

    ICO/Artificial Intelligence Startup

  • Vaiot

    Developer screening & online interviews

  • Park of Poland

    The largest tropical-themed water park in Europe

  • Telemedi

    Online doctor appointment

  • The Nest

    Club workplace creative industry

  • Next mobile

    Create your mobile network!

  • Baselinker

    E-commerce Order Management

  • Hatch

    European Space Research and Innovation Portal

  • Obsessive

    Sexy lingerie

  • Hoard

    "True ownership" of virtual items to players.