Working in Flying Bisons

Flying Bisons daily routine is working with top companies on their strategic projects. The herd of designers that strive to achieve the best while helping constantly to grow each one of our pack. Are You interested?

Job Opportunities

Senior UX

PLN 8 000 +

For us the business side of the project is as important as usability of it. If you consider both of this parts while designing and as well you think analytically as you approach reaching the essence of the venture identifying the real goal - contact us.

Mid UX

PLN 6 000 +

Importance of independent thinking about information architecture is precious for us. Ability of creating user paths, mock-ups and seeing project as whole is also something that cannot be refused while working with us - as well as client’s business requirements. You feel it? Contact us.

Senior UI

PLN 8 000 +

Substructure provided by mock-ups are the basis of our work. We admire only the design on the highest level - going in one row with latest trends and unique character of the brand. You are sure you can combine all of mentioned? Contact us.

Mid UI

PLN 6 000 +

Substructure provided by mock-ups are the basis of our UI work. Can you design independently with proposal of visual direction provided by the team? Pixel perfect? If yes - contact us.